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Plants vs Zombies: Science Comic: Famous Scientists: Who Invented the First Aeroplane?

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Scientists invented various inventions to benefit the people and promoted continuous economic progress of the society. So how can we become scientists? Who discovered the various categories of science that we learn today? Why are there many scientific terms that are derived from the names of people? What kind of spirit and qualities do we need in order to attain the achievements in the field of science?

This book introduces about 50 ancient and modern Chinese and foreign scientists and their major contributions to the history of science and technology through humorous comic stories. It also demonstrates the close connection between the opportunities for these achievements and the hard works of the scientists themselves. While reading these people’s achievements, children will have a definite understanding about innovation and creation. They can also learn that persistent exploration will bring infinite possibilities, so that they can encourage themselves to surpass their own selves and the norms!

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