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Plants vs Zombies 2 – DINOSAUR Comic ● Dinosaur Village Journal

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The Plants find an old journal called Dinosaur Village Journal in the back mountain . There is a map on the blank pages of the journal . The map directs the Plants to the back mountain again . But , they accidentally fall into a dry well and arrive at a mysterious place , That place is a paradise called the Dinosaur Village . The environment is similar to the Late Cretaceous . The climate here is warm and humid while the vegetation is lush and dense . All the dinosaurs here are living happily . Madam Lambeosaurus dances happily . Avimimus chases after his dream of flying in the sky while the Hadrosaurus family live peacefully together . The Plants break in inadvertently and the Zombies follow them afterwards , breaking the peacefulness of this paradise . Having a magical crystal ball is the key to survival for the Dinosaur Village but the Zombies are plotting to steal it . The Plants need to stop the Zombies from doing sol Let’s open the book and join the Plants and dinosaurs on a mission to safeguard the secrets of the Dinosaur Village !

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Plants vs Zombies 2