Plants vs Zombies ● Dinosaur Comic: The Sleeping Kingdom

Without needing to fight, one can enjoy the comprehensive and thoughtful service provided by Zombies upon passing a simple challenge. That sounds good, doesn’t it? How can the Plants miss out such an amazing hotel?

Little do they know, something bad happens on the very first night the Plants check into the hotel. After waking up the next morning, Wall-nut notices that his brother Tall-nut has not returned to their room since last night and is nowhere to be found! The Plants follow the clues they discovered and go to the hotel basement to find Tall-nut. They fall into another time zone and find themselves in a Jurassic dinosaur kingdom.

In the kingdom, the Plants find out that King Ceratosaurus not only has a bad temper but can also hypnotise. The whole kingdom is shrounded in the shadow of fear. The kindhearted Princess Ceratosaurus reveals the location of the Floating City to the Plantis. From there, the king’s secrets as well as the secret deal between the king and the Zombies are uncovered.

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彩色印刷 Colour


15cm x 20cm x 1cm


Xiao Jiangnan


G Apple Studio Sdn Bhd


Plants Vs Zombies