Plants vs Zombies – Robots Comic 2 – Super Combat League

-Cutting-edge technology
-Artificial intelligence
-Future world
-Funny and interesting

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Zombot Tomorrow-tron suddenly attacks Plant Town. Green Shadow and Solar Flare save the day by sending him packing. But instead of thanking them, the Plants chase them out and demand them to pay for the damage to the town. Stumbling across a flyer of the Super Combat League, the two heroes decide to enter the contest to win the grand prize, not knowing that it is a trap set up by the evil Zombot Tomorrow-tron. Their friendship is put to a severe test where they have trouble trusting each other along the journey. Can they defeat the Zombies and save the Plants? Can they keep their promise?

The robots that appear in this book include Green Shadow Bot, Solar Flare Bot, Dino Bot, Hot Wheel, The Destroyer, Iron General and many more. You can also learn some knowledge about entertainment robots.

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彩色印刷 Colour


15cm x 20cm x 1cm


Xiao Jiangnan


G Apple Studio Sdn Bhd


Plants Vs Zombies