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Plants vs Zombies ● Questions & Answers Science Comic: Rare Animals and Plants – How Much Bamboo Does A Giant Panda Eat Per Day?

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The nature is like a palace without walls. It displays various interesting animals and plants. Do you know of a lizard that shoots blood from its eyes? Do you know that there is an animal that has plants growing on it?
The nature is full of wonders. There are plenty of rare birds, animals, flowers and plants awaiting you to discover. This book will bring you to climb the snow mountain and meet “the king of the snow mountain”; dive deep into the sea to find “the giant panda in the water”; enter Africa to taste the giant fruit of “the elephant of the trees”. A trip to the world of rare animals and plants is about to begin!
This book introduces 38 facts about rare animals and plants through relaxed and humorous comic stories. This helps young children to understand the rare and peculiar animals and plants in the nature. The book also subtly conveys the idea of protecting the Earth’s ecological environment. Furthermore, it sparks the curiosity of children and guides them into the vast world of science.

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Xiao Jiangnan


G Apple Studio Sdn Bhd


Plants Vs Zombies