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Plants vs Zombies ● Dinosaur Comic: The Heart of the Dinosaur Island


An Uninvited guest comes to Plant Town. Jake the Ornitholestes falls from the sky and befriends the Plants. Unfortunately, he is from the Mesozoic and cannot adapt to the current environment. So, Peashooter and Bonk Choy decide to send him home, which is a small island floating in the sky.

While searching for the dinosaur island, the aircraft that the Plants and Jake are boarding is hit by missiles fired by the Zombies and falls from the sky. When they wake up, they discover that the aircraft has crashed on the dinosaur island! In order to repair the aircraft. Jake turns a deaf ear to the patriarch’s objection and leads the Plants into the forest to search for the Heart of the Island, a legendary stone that possesses mysterious powers.

Why can Camptosaurus float in the sky? What is this thing that Kentrosaurus has been guarding for generations? And what secret is hidden in the Heart of the Island?

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彩色印刷 Colour


15cm x 20cm x 1cm


Xiao Jiangnan


G Apple Studio Sdn Bhd


Plants Vs Zombies