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Princess Zodiac Series 06: Cancer – Courage – Enchanted Wonderland – The Guardian Fairy

Words For Parents & Teachers

– The most complete pros and cons of zodiac.
– Fun interpretation of the most professional views in health, finance and friendship.
– Get to know the traits of your children and search for the most suitable career.
– Fully understand your children’s nature and development, learn together with the little ones and foster good bonds with them.

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Kayla who admires pop idols is cursed by the magic of the Magical Forbidden Area and turns into a little raccoon. The rock singer, Roy Kim comes across the injured little raccon and takes it home to nurse it. The little raccoon, Kayla is lucky enough to stay in her idol’s house but she does not know that after turning into animal form, she has become the target of some criminals. Meanwhile, the Dark Lord also sets up a trap to attract her so that he can get her magic gemstone. How can Kayla protect her idol in such chaos? Can she break the curse and return to human form?

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Princess Zodiac Series