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Princess Zodiac Series 05: Gemini – Tolerance – A Magic Spell – Soul Exchange

Words For Parents & Teachers

  • The most complete pros and cons of zodiac.
  • Fun interpretation of the most professional views in health, finance and friendship.
  • Get to know the traits of your children and search for the most suitable career.
  • Fully understand your children’s nature and development, learn together with the little ones and foster good bonds with them.

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A pair of unrelated twins broke the curse of Dark Lord and was born at the same time 15 years ago … Now the twin babies have grown up. When the naive and adorable Charlene meets the rich and arrogant Oscar, they have a mutual dislike towards each other.
One morning Charlene and Oscar wake up to find their bodies being switched! During this period, they make a lot of jokes as they have different genders and identities. What will happen to the quarrelsome pair? Can Charlene defeat Dark General on her own and protect the magic gemstone?

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Samie Lai


Comic Holic Sdn Bhd


Princess Zodiac Series