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Princess Zodiac Series 04: Taurus – Finance Management – A Magical Trade – Money Master

Words For Parents & Teachers

  • The most complete pros and cons of zodiac.
  • Fun interpretation of the most professional views in health, finance and friendship.
  • Get to know the traits of your children and search for the most suitable career.
  • Fully understand your children’s nature and development, learn together with the little ones and foster good bonds with them.

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Erin is just like a modern Cinderella. Her father is a sailor while her mother passed away when she was young. Later on, her father married Madam Ava, an unkind woman with two daughters. Erin lives with them from then onwards. She has yet to know that it will become her nightmare.

One day Erin met a mysterious shopkeeper. He gave her 3 magic cards which read “Family”, “Friendship” and “Memory”. What is the secret behind these cards? Money causes greed. Would you trade your relationship for money? Dark force always exists. Will Erin find true happiness in the end?

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Samie Lai


Comic Holic Sdn Bhd


Princess Zodiac Series