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Popular Tales and Moral Tales From The Forest Collection (1 Set 2 Books)

With Moral Lessons
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Our Popular Tales and Moral Tales from the Forest Collection is a collection of forest stories with moral values which children will greatly enjoy. Each story in this 16-in-2 collection has been carefully written and designed for young children who have mastered basic reading skills.

The sixteen tales in this collection will introduce new words in familiar contexts, enabling children to read confidently with a little guidance. Short, simple text with big print and lively, colourful illustrations help to make the reading experience more enjoyable. Question prompts with answers are also included for parents and teachers to reinforce the child’s comprehension and test his/her critical thinking ability before, during and after reading the stories.

Each moral tale encourages children to aspire towards good values, and a short, simple sentence summarises the moral at the end of each story. Children will also identify with a variety of characters – good and bad, weak and strong, kind and greedy – who bring the tales to life. As they progress through the stories, they will not only enrich their core vocabulary but also learn to read independently, whether at home or in school.

Notes to Parents and Teachers:
– Offer to first read the story out loud to the child;
– Discuss the moral of the story;
– Encourage the child to read the story more than once.

The Jealous Buffalo
The Fly and the Bull
The Fox that lost its tail
The Crow and the Oyster
The Tortoise that wanted to fly
The Wolf and the Lamb
The Female Bees and the Male Bees
The Monkey and the Dolphin
The Wolf and the Crane
The Young Mouse, the Cat and the Rooster
The Fox and the Cat
The Heron
The Lion and the Mosquito
The Mice in Council
The Donkey and the Wolf
The Bat and the Weasels

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