Plants vs Zombies 2 – Dinosaur Comic ● The Battle through Time and Space

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Torchwood invents a dinosaur claw machine that can get dinosaur eggs from the Triassic via a time hole. The Plants engage themselves in dinosaur battles, turning Plant Town into a lively place! Unfortunately, Bonk Choy’s dinosaur egg hatches into a useless little dinosaur. It makes him upset and ashamed, so he throws it away.
While searching for the little dinosaur, the Plants accidentally discover the Zombies’ secret base. The Zombies catch and throw them into a time hole. The Plants travel to the Triassic and find themselves caught by Saltopus to be offered as sacrifices to the gods. They later befriend Mussaurus and search for the monster claw. They finally return to their town after an amazing adventure, only to discover that it is in grave
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