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Plants vs Zombies ● Questions & Answers Science Comic: Unique Delicacies – Is There An Ice Cream That is Eaten Together With Fish?

There are countless delicacies all around the world. Each of them has its own characteristics. By reading this book, you would imagine joing the protagonists in the stories to taste various delicous food, such as delicious Peking duck, magical roti canai, Manchu Han Imperial Feast which combines Manchuran and Chinese delicacies, French cuisine a.k.a “the number one Western food”, dumplings that look like pillows and cakes that look like mirrors. After reading about these unique delicacies, you will definitely learn a lot of knowledge about food.

This book presents 42 facts about Chinese and foreign cuisines through humorous comic stories. It allows readers to get a glimpse of the characteristics of these cuisines and their profound food culture. It also guides children to develop healthy eating and living habits, thereby inspiring them to be curious to explore the vast and interesting world of science.

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Plants Vs Zombies