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Plants vs Zombies ● Questions & Answers Science Comic: Healthy Lifestyle – What Should We Do If We Are Too Nervous Before Examinations?

Everyone has an invisible friend called “health”. When we are healthy, we often do not take the importance of health seriously. By reading this book, you will embark on a journey to explore a healthy lifestyle with the main characters from Plants vs Zombies. During this journey, some of the characters you meet dislike eating vegetables, some are addicted to drinking, some burn the midnight oil to finish their homework, some suffer from test anxiety and some do not want to go to school. Maybe you are doing the same but are not aware of the damage these habits have to your health.

Through humorous comic stories, this book introduces 33 facts about healthy lifestyle to allow readers to understand the scientific knowledge of physical and mental health. so they can be more alert about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and lay a strong foundation for their growth. This inspires them to be more curious to explore the interesting world of science.

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Plants Vs Zombies