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Plants vs Zombies ● Dinosaur Comic: Heroes’ Showdown

A VR game called Dinosaur Heroes is getting popular in Plant Town. Not long later, a strange thing happens. The Plants become unconscious and fall into a deep sleep.

With Dave’s assistance, Bonk Choy enters into the VR game to find out what happens. In the VR Jurassic, Bonk Choy finds gastroliths for Barosaurus and fights the sand monster with Red Stinger. Bonk Choy also rescues Wall-nut from being eaten by Diplodocus as well as helping Caramasaurus to find its destination before challenging the final boss in the doomsday abyss.

Bonk Choy can only save all his friends by defeating the final boss. But does it refer to Eustreptospondylus or Saurophaganax? And who is this 01, what is his role in the game and what ambition and aspiration does he has?

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彩色印刷 Colour


15cm x 20cm x 1cm


Xiao Jiangnan


G Apple Studio Sdn Bhd


Plants Vs Zombies