Plants vs Zombies • Dinosaur Comic: Deep Sea Explorer

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While searching for combustible ice, the Plants accidentally discover live dinosaurs in the deep sea. These dinosaurs wear air bubbles and swim like fish under the sea. They live on an island covered by a huge bubble.

The Plants are initially captured by Baryonyx but manage to cure the clan leader and earn the trust from the whole clan. Thunder the Leaellynasaura kidnaps Peashooter and sets Jimmy the detained Baryonyx free, thus uncovering the secret of the bubble island. It turns out that the existence of this island and the dinosaurs depends on a tree that produces bubbles. And this tree is going to wither soon due to illness. Both the bubble island and dinosaurs are on the brink of destruction.

In order to fight for the limited air supply, the clan of Ekrixonatosarus attacks the clan of Baryonyx. Dinosaurs from both clans are killing each other, resulting in many casualties. At this time, Jimmy gains the trust of his leader who asks him to bring all the remaining dinosaurs to abandon their old home and head to the legendary fantasy land.

Does this fantasy land really exist? And will the dinosaurs survive?

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Xiao Jiangnan


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Plants Vs Zombies