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National Geographic Kdis ( 2021 ) (JANUARY – NOVEMBER)

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These are some of the regular features, most of which appear periodically,

  • Amazing Animals
  • Fun Stuff (formerly called “Kids’ Express”)
  • The Inside Scoop (formerly called “World News”)
  • Kids Did It!
  • Go On Safari!
  • What in the World? (this is one of the two features to appear in every issue)
  • Video Game Central (formerly called “The Next Level”)
  • Weird But True (which later became a Disney+ original series, Weird But True!)
  • Cool Inventions
  • Stupid Criminals
  • Just Joking (this is the other of the two features to appear in every issue)
  • Sports Funnies (comical pictures of people in sports)
  • Guinness World Records
  • Wildlife Watch
  • Unleashed (a comic strip about three house pets by Strika Entertainment)
  • Naughty Pets (funny photos of pets behaving badly)
  • The Green List
  • Bet You Didn’t Know (similar to Weird But True, but issue seasonal)
  • The Big Book Of Why
  • Quiz Whiz
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