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Dinosaurs ARVR

Augmented reality and virtual reality powered book


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Dinosaurs, the largest living organisms to ever roam planet earth have always been a source of awe and excitement. Dinosaurs give us an experience that elicits fear and wonder together. Dinosaurs ARVR application captures this exciting experience in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). This application supplements the book which is a treasure trove of information about dinosaurs that dominated the earth across different geological time scale. With the help of the book you will be exposed to some exciting facts and figures about different dinosaurs like when they lived, where they lived etc… The application delivers information through AR, VR and through textual mode. The application has well been designed to deliver a seamless flow of information and facts. The icons and other elements have been carefully chosen to give a rich visual ambience for enhanced learning experience. The application also has a ‘Dino board ‘to keep you updated with discoveries and new findings about the dinosaurs. It also has a daily quiz which supplements you with knowledge and can help you compete with other kids around the world.

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