About Us

  • The History

    Hup Lick is an established publishing company with a history of more than 26 years.It publishes a great variety of books with special emphasis on educational books and magazines for school children.The publications centre on reading materials,activity books and supplementary exercises as well as periodicals on various subjects for pupils.The latest addition is a parenting magazine for parents and teachers.

    Editorial Department

    In line with the development of the company, the editorial department has greatly expanded to provide publications of a higher quality and with much richer contents. In 1990, the first pictorial magazine in full colour was published and was greatly welcomed by Chinese primary schools. Subsequently the SK edition of the colourful pictorial magazine was also published in view of the overwhelming response.

    In 1996, Hup Lick became the first publisher in the country to publish a series of science magazines for school children following the Governments policy to place more importance on the subject of science. The SK edition of Rakan Sainsand Tunas Sains were also published. All these science magazines immediately received very favourable response from teachers and pupils in view of their wide coverage of interesting scientific knowledge and stories in colourful illustrations and yet in simple language.

    In 1999, Hup Lick launched a new series of science periodicals in English for three different standards. These were distributed to as far as Singapore and were very well received. In 2002, Hup Lick embarked on a joint venture with Grafikta Sdn. Bhd. to produce a series of publications for kindergartens. These include textbooks, activity books as well as teaching aids and materials for preschool education.

    The Graphic Department

    The art and graphic department has evolved from the old cut-and-paste method and manual colouring to the present-day fully computerised art work. The design and layout of the pages have become so attractive and so are the lively and vivid presentations of characters and backdrops. The time and work taken in producing the publications are also greatly reduced.

    Sales And Marketing

    As all the publications and teaching aids are based on the latest syllabus for each standard, they are very well received and popular with both teachers and pupils. The publications enjoy a very wide circulation in Malaysia and Singapore. The sales network covers most schools in most parts of the country.

  • logo Sasmurni

    Sasmurni Bakti Sdn. Bhd. is a publishing company with 16 years of history. Its publications in the form of children magazines, story books, activity books and supplementary exercises are mainly supplied to SK schools. It also supplies teaching aids to teachers to facilitate a more effective way of teaching.

    All Sasmurni publications are in Malay and English as the readers are mainly SK pupils and Malay parents.

    The children magazines can be subscribed through schools. Other publications and teaching aids can be bought from book shops. Direct subscription is also acceptable as the company has a mailing department to ensure a speedy despatch by mail.

  • Grafikta Sdn. Bhd. has a history of 14 years as it was founded on 23 September 1995. It has now a staff of 18 comprising editors, graphic typists and graphic artists.

    Grafikta publishes a series of books, workbooks, periodicals and creative activity books for use by kindergartens. As preschool education is becoming more important, these publications which are based on the latest preschool syllabus are very popular. Many kindergartens have chosen Grafikta publications as teaching materials.


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